Sunday, March 26, 2017

DBBD: 1997 Bowman #175 Kris Benson

When I first started collecting in 1987 my parents bought me boxes of cards from time to time.  As time went on, prices rose and I started buying my own cards.  I was never one to save for a box of cards, but I remember 1997 Bowman being my first "big" box purchase.  I was hoping to get that Hideki Irabu card!  I didn't...and neither did his career.  

The other "big" card was Jose Cruz, Jr.  I did get one of those.  I also got a Kris Benson and living an hour south of Pittsburgh, it was a good card to have.  I despised Benson, though.  Why?  I remember the West Virginia baseball team having to play Clemson in a best-of-three series to get to the College World Series.  Clemson's top two pitchers were Benson and Billy Koch.  Needless to say, Clemson ended the series in two games.  That is what I will always remember Benson for.  

Since I only paid a dime for this card, I might set it ablaze.  Probably with the Ryan Kalish cards I purchased for the same reason.  

1997 Bowman #175 Kris Benson

1997 Bowman #175 Kris Benson (back)

PWE from Summer of '74

A week ago, Matt at the (new) blog Summer of '74 posted, looking to make some trades.  The concept was simple.  Claim something you want, he sends it, you send some things back that he's looking for.  Easy enough.

My PWE showed up a couple of days later with some vintage goodness.  The cards don't fit any particular part of my collection, but I'm sending him modern for vintage.  That's a win in my eyes.

1958 Topps #481 Frank Malzone

1958 Topps #481 Frank Malzone (back)

1958 Topps #492 Bob Friend

1958 Topps #492 Bob Friend (back)

1958 Topps #489 Jackie Jensen

1958 Topps #489 Jackie Jensen (back)
Thanks for the trade, Matt!  Your cards will be out soon.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

DBBD: 1981 Topps #694 Bud Harrelson

I didn't notice the water damage to the card or I might not have bought it.  It was from a dime box so maybe I would have.

1981 Topps #694 Bud Harrelson

1981 Topps #694 Bud Harrelson (back)

Friday, March 24, 2017

DBBD: 1986 Fleer Limited Edition #34 Tony Pena

Back to back days with dime box former Pirates catchers.  I was a catcher in little league and I'd be lying if I denied ever trying the weird Tony Pena leg-out-to-the-side stance behind the plate.

By the way, is the air in Buffalo thin like in Colorado or something?  (See stats on back)

1986 Fleer Limited Edition #34 Tony Pena

1986 Fleer Limited Edition #34 Tony Pena (back)

The COMC Hockeys

A couple of days I posted about the Young Guns cards that came in my latest COMC mailday.  These take a backseat to nothing, but here are the rest of them.

2016-17 Upper Deck Gold Rainbow Foil #40 Artemi Panarin

2016-17 Upper Deck Gold Rainbow Foil #44 Patrick Kane

2016-17 Upper Deck Gold Rainbow Foil #43 Marian Hossa

2016-17 Upper Deck Gold Rainbow Foil #63 John Klingberg
First things first, my scans do the beauty of these cards no justice.  Upper Deck did a fantastic job with them.

I spent a lot of time on ePack for awhile and enjoyed it.  The three Blackhawks cards I "built" myself.  After I saw how cheaply a lot of them were selling for on COMC, I decided against putting in the time and effort.  I bought most of the other Blackhawks (I haven't had them shipped yet) and also the Klingberg.

It's a bit disconcerting that the "top" level cards from series 1 are more abundant and cheaper than the ones from Compendium.  But what can you do?

2015-16 Upper Deck #475 Ryan Hartman
 I'm really happy to see the numbers that Ryan Hartman is pretty quietly putting up for the Blackhawks this season.  I also take joy in seeing the kids that grew up in Chicago (see also: Scott Darling) thriving with the team.  It's definitely a throwback in many ways and you have the think that it's extremely special for a Chicago kid.  He has to much prefer being a Blackhawk to a Canadien!
2014-15 Vienna Beef Chicago Wolves #25 Adam Cracknell
 Adam Cracknell is easily having the best season of his NHL career in 2016-17.  He's reached a career high in games (58), goals (7) and points (11).  I love it for the 31-year old.  The Stars have already signed him to an extension through next season.  He made it to the NHL during the 2010-11 season but so far has just one NHL card, not counting it's two parallels.  I really hope that Upper Deck gets him into either the second or third series of Compendium.  I became a fan early in the season when it seemed like every two or three minutes, the announcers were saying his name again.  In a disappointing season for the Stars, Cracknell has been a bright spot for me.
2012-13 Upper Deck Canvas #C21 Patrick Kane

1995-96 NHL Aces Playing Cards #5D Jeremy Roenick

2016-17 MVP Silver Script #282 Josh Morrissey

2016-17 MVP Green Script #282 Josh Morrissey 

2008-09 Upper Deck Trilogy Combo Clearcut Autographs #CC2JJ Erik Johnson/ Jack Johnson
 I've passively collected Jack Johnson for a few years, since I found out he was born in Indianapolis.  I was living there at the time and there aren't too many NHL players from the city.  I found this one in late December and got a heck of a deal, as a seller was blowing out cards at 90% off.  The scan does it no justice, it's an acetate card and the team logos are underneath the signatures.  It's a fantastic looking card.
1990 Score Rookie/ Traded #100T Eric Lindros
I saw this card on someone's blog awhile back and decided to pick it up.  I remember how hot this card was in 1990 and I couldn't pass on some nostalgia for less than 50 cents.  

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Happy collecting!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

DBBD: 1987 Fleer Glossy #302 Mike LaValliere


1987 Fleer Glossy #302 Mike LaValliere

1987 Fleer Glossy #302 Mike LaValliere (back)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DBBD: 1994 Sports Illustrated For Kids II #254 Joe Carter

I picked up a few of the SI for Kids cards from the ol' dime box.  I guess I was too sophisticated at a kid.  I just got the normal Sports Illustrated magazine.

1994 Sports Illustrated For Kids II #254 Joe Carter

1994 Sports Illustrated For Kids II #254 Joe Carter (back)